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New Blog!

I'm working on a new blog over at http://spindlephotography.wordpress.com so please update your subscriptions & readers! Tons of new blogposts are in the works, so I look forward to reconnecting with you all over on the new site!!

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Meagan & David:: Married!

Meagan and David were married at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in downtown Birmingham, AL. You may remember them from their engagement shoot, we stuck close by the Jefferson County Courthouse since they are both lawyers! Meagan took her Bar exam just after their honeymoon!   Meagan is a gorgeous redhead and David is an absolute sweetheart and just seeing them together makes me happy!

These charms are from an Olexa's cake at Meagan's bridesmaid brunch. Each girl pulled a ribbon and the charms correspond with fortunes for each one. I've always been fascinated by King's cake so I was pretty excited about the charm cake.

Cakes by Jan of Angel Cakes (highly recommended!)

The reception was held at the Matt Jones Gallery downtown complete with a photobooth by Red Eye Photobooths (a personal weakness of mine, I LOVE them), and the food and dancing were amazing!

Till next post...

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Superhero Session: Ivey & Cullen

I never really market myself as a child photographer, and I have a deep respect for photographers that exclusively photograph children. They have a true gift and I am in awe when they wrestle a smile out of a grumpy tot. That being said, I don't turn down opportunities to try my hand at mastering the art of child photography, and in this case I was also lured by the promise of superhero children.

Ivey (2) and Cullen (4) were awesome, truly, and I loved photographing them just being themselves! One of my favorite things about the day was that I had been described as looking like Tinkerbell, and Cullen had asked if I would have wings. I really wish I did.

I apologize for the image overload, but hopefully you'll see why. 

I'm pretty sure this superhero's name is Lightning Boy, but I know from experience that his power is zapping people. 

Ivey's superpower probably involves drinking juice. Next time I'm bringing my own juicebox.

I have fallen in love with this session and these two little super-heroes! Huge thanks to their mom, my twitter friend and fellow blogger, for this opportunity!

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New Proofing Site!

I'm really excited to have a new proofing site! The new site makes it easier to select favorites for clients and their friends and family. You can then share favorites with a url that preserves your choices for 1 month. You can also leave comments if you wish to persuade visitors of your favorites or hint at which prints you'd love to receive at Christmas. And, since I'm a blogger at heart, I love comments anyway.

I'd love to hear what you think and would love to have you all as guinea pigs as well! The site makes it easy to order prints securely, and from the site you can all edited images from events and sessions. If you have any trouble feel free to contact me at kelly@spindlephotography.com.

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Vic & Barbara Hayslip: Newlyweds!

I'm very excited to finally share images from Vic & Barbara's wedding! They were married in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on May 1st, 2010 in a small intimate ceremony (love it). They continued their celebration in Birmingham this month with a reception at the Zoo Lodge (photos to come)!

Garrett is responsible for the above details of the guys, I was really lucky to have him along as my assistant. He has a great eye and I'll just be glad he's on my side...

I really want a typed marriage license envelope. Something about it makes me really excited.

The cake (and baby bites) are from Pastry Arts in Homewood, Alabama. The caramel flavored baby bites are my husband's absolute favorite food. He recently bought half a dozen with the intention to share, thwarted by a few hours alone with them. Seriously delicious and an amazing idea for groom's cakes. 

The couple on the left are my inlaws! Garrett's dad has been friends with Vic for many years, and so I had met Vic and Barbara well before they were wed! It was really fun to have friends and family there and to be able to share in such a happy day for them.

Huge thanks and well wishes to the happy couple and I am super excited that they are going on a honeymoon with my in-laws in February to the Galapagos!  I'm secretly hoping they'll decide to hire a professional photographer to come along.

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