Bouquet shots

Yesterday I went to a trash the tutu session with Amelia and her friend Jamie Burnett which was a great time, I'm very lucky to have met Amelia here in Birmingham! Ashley, a now retired ballerina with the Alabama ballet wanted some artsy shots of her in her last costume, a spanish inspired red and black number. I was assisting with lighting mostly so I didn't get any shots but check out Amelia and Jamie's blogs soon to see what we were up to!

Amelia let me borrow a 17-55 f2.8, the lens I've been wanting for a while now so I felt pretty inspired to shoot. Also, I am getting married in 9 months and am inspired to make my own bouquets so I've had 2 trial runs for fun. It seems like it would be super hard, and I haven't been mix and matching at all, just one kind of flower at a time. The first was roses, and I only bundled 4 together because that's what I had at the time but the second go round were gorgeous purple tulips. I want yellow ranunculus however I would use these for a shoot any day. So basically, hire me to shoot your pictures and you get a floral genius as well. Or, someone who can throw together a bouquet for you to carry around and feel pretty with. Oh, and the flowers? 6.99 at whole foods.

navy and yellow are our colors, hence the ribbon and pins. I kind of like the color contrast but am not 100% sure.

Garrett and I have an Alice in Wonderland thing. I'm hoping to subtly work it into the wedding... maybe a bottle that says drink me? we'll see.

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Amelia said...


scbphotography said...

yes, LOVE them. i like the contrast... keep it up!

lws said...

looove it.

and i happen to have a copy of alice in wonderland from 1930-something that nick found at that used book store on franklin street that you can use for something, if you can think of anything to use a vintage book for... hmmmm....

Kelly Merrill said...

oh my gosh a 1930s copy! We thought about having books as our "table numbers" when we were thinking about a library reception (which I would still totally do if birmingham had a place we could do that) but it could def work anywhere, we're going to have teapots and/or teacups as centerpieces with ranunculuses in them to reference the mad hatter tea party (subtle but awesome, I think!)