Reasons you want to trash your dress

Nick and Linden are two of my friends I met back when I worked at McAlister's in Chapel Hill. They got married May of 2008 and I shot their wedding (eee!). It was so fun to shoot friends and they made it easy [btw, I do enjoy jokes about "shooting" people]. Plus Linden is gorgeous and so photogenic, see above and below for examples. To celebrate their anniversary they traveled from the mountains of NC to Savanna, Atlanta, and then to see me & Garrett here in the Bham. Linden had never been here so it was really fun to show her around and try to convince them to move here. Linden spent most of her time here in her wedding dress and we trashed it the best we could without involving fire. Stay tuned for the results from the two day shoot-a-thon.

And, visit Linden's supercrafty blog!

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kristen said...

Looks like a LOT of fun!

Melanie Watson said...

what a fun shoot! Love it!