Erica & Yorgos: Ceremony

The best part. Erica had been planning the look of the ceremony for months and I really love her all white theme. The bridesmaids and groomsmen in white and the bride and groom in a champagne/khaki set look amazing together. It made for such a classy look, and subtle is the new black. Sorry to inundate the blog with images, but I'm in love love love with this wedding, if you couldn't tell already.

A never-before event on the blog, this image was taken by my darling husband, Garrett! He's a natural with the camera and I'm so lucky I got to take him along as my second-shooter. I'm hoping I can convince him that he's in love with it too, because every time I'm at a wedding my heart beats fast as I watch a couple in love and think about us. It's really good therapy for people in relationships, it reminds you of the good things and I love it!

I love the look on Yaya's face.

At the beginning of the ceremony the rings were passed around to each guest so that they could bless the rings. I freaked out a little at the rehearsal when I heard that it was going to happen (what if someone drops the rings!) but of course it went without a hitch (except for the actual hitching, which happened later). It was a really special part of the ceremony and it's great that the group was small enough to make it a reality.

Erica's dad read a passage of scripture and Yorgos's dad officiated!

Pay close attention to the blonde groomsman.

He was our major excitement for the day, as he passed out halfway through the ceremony. Apparently the same thing happened at Yorgos's parents' wedding, so it must be lucky.

Here's a final image from Garrett as well. I better watch out, he's got some skills.

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Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

The more images, the better! Thanks for sharing and what a beautiful wedding :) I hope the groomsman that passed out ended being okay! :)

Lindsay said...

Oh poor Jesse. Don't worry he's fine! These pictures are BEAUTIFUL.

tiffany zajas said...

These are so beautiful!

linden said...

garrett's doing an awesome job. the last one may be my very favorite of the whole set.

and you know i have a weakness for flipflops on guys in weddings. it makes my heart happy. :)