Mallory is ENGAGED (there's proof!)

Many moons ago when I was still fairly new to Birmingham (my husband and I got engaged on the day I moved here, December 27th, 2008!), I was contacted by one of my faithful blog stalkers, Mallory. She'd found my wedding planning blog and noticed that I lived in Birmingham and quickly a friendship was formed. She has since introduced me to Maki Fresh's green tea cookies, J&J Junk and Garden Ridge, but one of our main topics of conversation is weddings. There was one teensy little problem. While Mallory and her boyfriend, Eric, (most especially Mallory), were already planning many details of their wedding they were not yet engaged!

This was a difficult task for Eric, however. There were a few snags along the way and Mallory works in a hair salon, which meant keeping his plans a secret were impossible. He had a very elaborate plan for the 50 yard line at Bryant Denny (when I told Garrett he told me that he himself wouldn't mind being proposed to there, so I'm storing away that fact for later). Mallory couldn't get off work for the game (LSU vs BAMA) and it seemed all was lost.

I was so excited to receive a text on December 3rd from Eric asking if I could be there as one of Mallory's friends when he proposed to her at work the next day. Of course! I was so excited to be there and see it for myself, and Eric really enjoyed being able to actually surprise her and to have her loved ones there. Plus, all of Mallory's clients at Oak Street Hair Group are always checking her hand for a ring, so this time some of them got to see it!

It meant so much to be there for my blog stalker turned great friend and I am so grateful to Eric for inviting me! (Did I mention there was also champagne? double win.)

Eric & Mallory are the best and deserve all the happiness in the world!

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