Lucy Halcomb:: Graphic Designer from Birmingham, AL

Lucy Halcomb is a graphic designer from Birmingham, AL, and I've had the pleasure of photographing her portfolio for her website and resume over the past few months. She'll be headed to NY in May, but I'm glad that Bham is home, and she'll surely come back to visit. 

I really love the look on the cards on all of these different textures and colors. I might like the one on the wood floor (mine) the best, though the four of them together really make me happy. The backs of the cards spell out "Lucy", which leaves each possessor of the card with a large bit of the type, I think the deconstruction is nice. 

Lucy designed a series of book covers for books with Alabama authors, and the edges line up, which guarantees you must have them all. 

Lucy designed this decal for Google Chrome, the circle is composed of the same shaped leaves as the apple's, and the red, green, and yellow correspond with Chrome's standard logo. It's a pretty awesome interpretation on the logo, and I love that it's for mac. They photograph really well and it almost makes me want to take up product photography full time. If you are into design and logos, there's an interesting chart here with supposed inspirations for the actual chrome logo (my favorite is pokeball).

Lucy made this accordion children's book about a boy who loses a button on his pea coat. The colors are lovely and so are the illustrations. Everyone needs a peacoat plant.

Thanks to Lucy, for the project and permission to print these lovely works. All images are copyright, Lucy Halcomb. (For Lucy's website, go here.)

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Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

i really like her work a lot. esp the book covers...to kill a mockingbird is one of my fave books and i read it at least once a year.