Onna and the Baby Fruit

Ian and Onna were married almost exactly a year before us (if you count our blessing instead of the legal San Francisco part), and they were our first official fellow married couple friends. It's been really fun following their journey into parenthood, they are due in July and we've had updates on the baby's size from raspberry to melon in the last several months. Going to their couples' baby shower was an experience as well, most of the girls (myself included) quickly lost a game where if you say "cute" you lose your diaper pin that you are given at the beginning of the party. Garrett and I made a pretty impressive watermelon baby with 3D pacifier, I feel good about our skills in creating children.

Onna is so lovely, with her blue eyes and wavy hair, and it was such a pleasure to photograph a maternity shoot for her, and transform an empty lot into a green wonderland. I am so looking forward to meeting their little one (they are waiting to find out if the baby is a boy or girl!) and photographing him or her as well!

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