Heather & Myles, Part 1

Last Saturday Amelia and I were able to spend the whole day with a fun, spunky, beautiful bride, Heather, and her now husband, Myles! We started the morning hanging out with the girls while they had their hair done at Heather's parents gorgeous home. I loved so much about this wedding. Heather's bouquet was stunning, and her dress was so cute and different! She had her naturally curly hair put up to the side with real flowers added in.

The couple wanted to see each other before the ceremony, so we headed to a lakeside gazebo nearby to capture the moment. It was lovely! I really think I love weddings both ways, it's such a fun and beautiful thing to be able to capture up close, but of course when couples opt not to see each other you get to capture the sweet nervousness before the walk down the aisle. Garrett and I haven't decided what we're doing yet, but our day(s) aren't quite normal anyway.

Coming up soon, the ceremony and reception! Possibly including the bunny I terrified in my sleep induced giddyness toward the end of the night. If you're lucky.

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Terri said...

I love the loyalty shot, was that a tattoo?

The pic of the mom and dad looking in on their dad, is very sweet.